About our premium lube

Our Silicon formula is great for sex and works perfectly as a massage gel. The silicone remains on the surface of the skin and is not absorbed as it would do with our water-based lubes. As a result, PigLoad Silicon Lube delivers extremely long-lasting lubrication, making it ideal for gay sex and long-lasting massages. We designed the lube to be non-sticky and especially made it not as thick as others. So it has a more liquid consistency. That means you feel more sex than the lubes!. Try it, and make sure you use just a small amount, it will last! Our user think it brings back the personal in personal lube!

our premium silicon lube

This lube is made with the best blend of the finest silicone. That said we made it different than others out there. Our lube is not as thick as theirs. We heard a lot of complaints that this thick lubes are too sticky. Well, there is a situation where you love that. And in others don't. That why we decided to give it a bit more liquidity. That way you need less and the same amount might even hold longer than others. But be aware and try how you like to apply the lube.

our waterbased lube

We will introduce our waterbased lube in the beginning of 2021.

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Just another lube?

It's not just another lube brand. The company behind PigLoad is owned and run by two gay men. Born and raised in Germany those two guys know what a pig need. Today they are living in the Bay Area near San Francisco. The lube is 100% made in the USA, even every bottle filled in a small warehouse in the bay by us. But as said our Lube is different and what's more important we thought about what a pig needs when he plays: access! That's is why we introduce the PigLoad Companion. You can wear it around your neck, pop the top, get your dick or ass wet, and you're good to go!

s l i c k y
not sticky

ensures that you can go on and on,
means more fun for you

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Your fxck companion

Our Companion bottle will change the way you play. Have your lube always where you need it!

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No more searching on the bed or the filthy floor

Keep PigLoad Lube right where it belongs: in reach around your neck

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Pop the top - get it wet - play longer!

Dont waste time - we help you play longer!

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Besides our PigLoad Lube we wanted to give you some more.
So we have handpicked items that we and our gang tested. All items are under one goal: having more fun!
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Hot, helpfull, nasty - that is what you find in here. From Dildo to eShocker.

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Car decals, funny items around enjoying to be gay.

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